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FABGRAB 3 in 1 Quilters Sandboard


The 3 in 1 Quilter’s Sandboard

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3 Multi-use surfaces to assist you with various quilt making techniques!

· SANDPAPER holds fabric firmly in place for ease in marking and tracing

· FELT can be used as a mini design wall, fabric patches stay in place

 (A FREE optional easel is included to allow the board to stand up next to your machine!)

· SMOOTH surface on back provides a smooth area for writing and tracing

​Hand Piecing & Applique

This useful, no-slip fabric gripping board is a MUST HAVE for hand piecing and applique. The very fine blue sandpaper creates just the right amount of friction to hold fabric firmly in place. Trace applique patterns, hand piecing templates and seam allowances onto fabric without any slipping or unwanted fabric stretching.

Quilting Designs & Stencils

FABGRAB holds the fabric securely allowing you to trace applique patterns, stencils & quilting templates with ease!

The FABGRAB measures 9 1/2″ x 12″


Sandpaper side holds fabric firmly in place for ease in marking and tracing.


Felt side holds fabric in place for block designing.


Smooth side provides area for writing and tracing.


Love this! Just what I needed and came super fast. ? thank you so much. I love that I can stick my quilt blocks on the felt part so see what gets sewed next. I will prop it right next to my machine.


So effective even my hubbie was impressed that i could hold up the block for him to look at.


I immediately put this to use with an appliqué project I was working on. Traced the image onto the heat and bond paper. Then used the felt side to arrange the pieces. Worked great placing the project on the sanded side, covered with felt flap and using a large rubber band to hold the flap down when I had to transport it to work on away from home!! Excellent item, don’t know what I did without it before.


Love it for small projects!

– Laurel


This is so great! It helps you keep things in place to draw appliqué pieces with no slippage. You can also place things so you can see what the block will look like when sewn together.